How to Dispose of Fluorescent Light Bulbs

The best method to dispose of fluorescent bulbs is to recycle them! Fluorescent light bulbs whether fluorescent tubes, u-bend fluorescents, compact fluorescents (CFLs), or other types — all contain mercury and so disposing of fluorescent bulbs is regulated for many businesses. 

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Regulatory Compliance

EZ in the Earth recycle kits help you stay in compliance. Call 855-EARTH-55 to find out how. Did you know that fluorescent bulbs, high intensity discharge (HID) bulbs, batteries, thermostats and other mercury devices, and batteries contain toxic heavy metals including mercury and are regulated? 

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Message from the President

I have been very fortunate to enjoy three distinct business careers, working initially in the boy's correctional program in Detroit and then joining my older brother to form North America's largest tobacco and candy distributor. Lighting Resources is my greatest accomplishment because we are truly doing the right thing by helping to keep the environment clean. The EZ on the Earth division allows us the opportunity to serve small customers and to not just recycle but provide educational services and eventually to sell additional environmentally friendly products and services. I commissioned Mike Milo, an Emmy award-winning cartoonist to create EZ the Frog to educate children at an early age about the importance of recycling. ~Daniel Gillespie, President and Owner of Lighting Resources