Ballasts (Non-PCB) Recycle Kits

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  • 05BT

    Non-PCB Ballast Recycling Kit (5.0 Gallon)

    Dimensions: 5.0 Gallon Pail & 14" x 14" x 16" Box

    Capacity: 22 Standard Ballasts or 50 lbs.

    Properly recycle non-PCB lamp ballasts. These recycle kits are for Non-Polychlorinated Biphenyl (No-PCB) containing ballasts only. Ballasts containing PCBs have not been manufactured since 1979. PCB containing ballasts are highly regulated and are forbidden to be shipped via FedEx® Ground. Only ship ballasts that state “No PCB” on the ballast. As the generator, it is your responsibility to ensure only non-PCB ballasts are placed in this pail. If you suspect you have PCB ballasts, please call 602-276-4278 to properly manage PCB containing ballasts.

    • 5-Gallon PCB Lamp Ballast Recycle Kit includes plastic pail, cardboard box (for shipping pail), heavy plastic liner, zip tie to seal liner for shipping, a pre-paid return shipping label
    • Documentation included for obtaining Certificates of Recycling online.
    • IMPORTANT: ONLY non-PCB ballasts may be shipped! For assistance with managing PCB or suspected PCB ballasts, call 602-276-4278.

    SKU: 50BL

    Price: $99.00

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