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One phone call to (855) EARTH-55 is all you need to properly recycle thermometers, thermostats, and other mercury-containing devices as well as smoke detectors, electronic recycling, computer recycling, fluorescent light ballast disposal for ballasts that do not contain polychlorinated byphenols (PCBs) and are not regulated by TSCA. EZ on the Earth recycle kits ensure these spent materials are properly recycled at fully permitted facilities.  

Lighting Resources also carries $5,000,000 of pollution liability insurance. All of this means that when you can rest assured your bulbs are properly recycled and you can go online and download a Certificate of Recycling after you ship your bulbs for recycling.


Spent products managed with EZ on the Earth recycle kits:

  • ELECTRONICS RECYCLING including computers, printers, monitors, telephone, PBX, electrical cabling, and most other types of e-scrap or spent electronic materials.
  • FLUORESCENT LIGHT BALLAST DISPOSAL: Please note the EZ on the Earth recycle kit program is only for non-TSCA regulated Non-Polychlorinated Biphenyl (No-PCB) containing ballasts. Ballasts containing PCBs have not been manufactured since 1979. PCB-containing ballasts are highly regulated and are forbidden to be shipped via FedEx® Ground. Only ship ballasts that state “No PCB” on the ballast. As the generator, it is your responsibility to ensure only non-PCB ballasts are placed in this pail. If you suspect you have PCB ballasts, please call Lighting Resources at (602) 276-4278 to properly manage TSCA-regulated PCB containing ballasts utilizing Lighting Resources fully permitted truck fleet.  
  • MERCURY DISPOSAL AND RECYCLING MERCURY-CONTAINING DEVICES including Thermostats, Thermometers, Switches, and Medical Equipment.
  • SMOKE DETECTOR DISPOSAL properly dispose of smoke detectors and smoke alarms containing Americium 241.

More than bulbs and batteries, EZ on the Earth can manage the proper disposal and recycling of many items for your company or organization. Our parent company works to recycle as many materials as possible, recapture valuable materials, and do everything we can to support a clean, healthy environment for us all. 

Questions about what you can recycle and where? Call (855) EARTH-55 or CONTACT US online.