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EZ on the Earth Recycle Kits

With mail back recycling kits, you select the type of material you are recycling and the size of kit that works for your needs. Your prepaid kit will be shipped directly to you, including proper container, packing material (where applicable), and prepaid shipping label. When your items to be recycled are packaged, simply ship it and click to get your Certificate of Recycling online. 

EZ Recycle Kits Make Recycling Easy

1. Order EZ Recycle Kits

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Or, call EZ on the Earth at (855)EARTH-55 (855-327-8455) to place orders. For one upfront price, prepaid, mail back, EZ Recycling Kits are shipped directly to your location.

(Note: For self-powered Tritium Exit Signs, pre-approval is required before recycle kits may be shipped.) 

2. Package Your Items to be Recycled

Everything you need is in the recycle kits ... Properly package and ship and your spent fluorescent light bulbs, batteries, smoke detectors, thermostats and other mercury devices, or electronics for recycling. EZ on the Earth even has a patent-pending recycle kit for non-rechargeable primary lithium batteries! 

Follow the instructions provided with each recycle kit ... Fill the interior bag with your spent items. Seal the bag with the enclosed zip tie. Use 2"-3" packing tape to seal the outside container. 

3. Ship Your Filled Recycle Kits 

Complete the enclosed, prepaid return shipping label, indicating the type of waste and adding your facility's name and address. Then call 1-800-GO-FEDEX or go online to to schedule a pickup. Your completed recycle kit will be picked up and shipped to a fully permitted recycling facility. 

4. Obtain Your Recycling Records Online

Go online to, and your Certificate of Recycling will be available for your records! 


Easy recycling with EZ on the Earth!  

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What can you do with EZ Mail Back Recycle Kits?

Recycle Light Bulbs

Ship almost any type including fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), high intensity discharge lamps (HID), incandescent light bulbs, halogen bulbs, circular fluorescents, u-bend fluorescents, neon bulbs and other cold cathode bulbs. Don't see your bulb listed here? Call (855) EARTH 55, and we'll let you know if we can recycle your spent bulbs. 

Battery Recycling

Recycling batteries including Alkaline, Nickel Cadmium (NICd), Lithium-Sulfur Dioxide (LiSO2), Lithium Manganese Dioxide (LiMnO2), Lithium Thionyl Chloride, Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) (LiSOC12), Silver, Sealed Lead Acid, Magnesium (Mg), Lithium-Ion (Li-ion), Mercury (HG). Recycle kits include everything need for proper and safe shipping of spent batteries. 

Mercury Disposal

Properly dispose of mercury-containing devices, including thermostats, thermometers, switches, and medical equipment. EZ on the Earth parent company Lighting Resources operates facilities that can capture and distill mercury back to virgin specifications, keeping it out of the environment and reusing a valuable material. 

Smoke Detector Disposal

Properly dispose of smoke detectors and smoke alarms containing Americium 241. 

Tritium Exit Signs

Because of the small amount of tritium contained in self luminous or nuclear exit signs, pre-approval is required for their disposal. Please call EZ on the Earth at (855) EARTH-55 to get started. 

Electronics Recycling

Computer recycling and recycling electronics of all types is critical to conserving valuable rare earth minerals and keeping heaps of electronic scrap and waste materials out of landfills. Recycle kits are a great way to dispose of old computers and computer components, desk phones, cell phones, PBX systems, fax machines, circuit boards, keyboards, computer peripherals, and other electronic components.

Fluorescent Light Ballast Disposal

Properly dispose of fluorescent light ballasts manufactured after 1979 that are non-TSCA regulated and do not contain Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB). Have an older PCB ballast? Please contact Lighting Resources for assistance with proper handling and disposal.


Questions about Recycling? 

CONTACT US ONLINE or call (855) EARTH-55 (855-327-8455). We look forward to serving you!


Large Volume Recycling

To recycle larger volumes of bulbs, batteries and more, from pallet loads to truck loads, contact Lighting Resources