EZ on the Earth Manager Joins Industry Panel on Mercury Recycling

September 22, 2015

Bruce Knight, Division Manager the EZ on the Earth Division of Lighting Resources, joined a panel of industry professionals hosted by EI Digest. Mr. Knight was asked to provide an overview of Lighting Resources and to discuss mercury recycling in the United States.  


According to Mr. Knight, “As one of the nation’s largest recyclers of lamps and other mercury containing devices, Lighting Resources recycles mercury on a national basis and is one of the few companies to invest in triple distillation technology to return mercury to virgin specifications.”  Mr. Knight added, “Unfortunately the majority of the demand for mercury in legitimate manufacturing processes including the manufacture of lamps and electronics is overseas. While well intentioned, the Mercury Export Ban Act of 2008 banned all mercury exports out of the United States after December 31, 2012. Because of this ban the supply of recycled mercury in the United States is quickly going to exceed demand while a strong and legitimate overseas market still exists. Valuable mercury will be stored at a cost as opposed to being sold at a higher value, while more mercury will be mined worldwide to make up for the difference.”

According to Mr. Knight, industry leaders are working with the federal government to hopefully resolve the problem.

Lighting Resources, LLC is one of the nation’s largest recyclers of fluorescent bulbs and lamps, alkaline and lithium batteries, lamp ballasts, and related universal wastes. The EZ on the Earth Division is one of the nation’s largest providers of mail-back recycle kits for these types of wastes.